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May 2016

Stephanie + Chris // Greystone Mansion // Beverly Hills, CA

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I shoot dozens of weddings every year.  Each one has their unique flavor (style, location, what have you) but every once in a while there comes a wedding where everything just falls into place perfectly.  This means… great venue, beautiful couple, interesting details, ideal lighting, indelible moments, and on and on.  For me, Stephanie and Chris’ wedding was that wedding for 2016.  I don’t really like to play favorites but it really was my favorite one of 2016.  To make it even better, the couple work in an industry after my own heart.  Chris is a cinematographer and Stephanie a costumer and for those who might not know, I spent some seven years working in the entertainment business on films, tv shows, and at major studios.  It’s that affinity that I think really bound us together and the results of that bond helped me create a wedding photography highlight reel of classic proportions.

I need not say more, just enjoy enjoy enjoy.  I’d love to hear what your favorite one was, post a comment at the bottom of the post!
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