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March 2017

Marissa + Hayden // Newhall Mansion, Piru // Wedding Photography

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Welcome to my very first wedding of 2017!  And much like how I ended 2016 on a high note, I’m starting off 2017 on a similar note.  Meaning, with a wedding where everything from start to finish was absolutely wonderful.  From the details to the venue to the light to the couple to the moments – everything was were they should be for a perfect wedding.  If I had to nitpick anything it would be that it got a bit chilly toward reception time, which wasn’t something that you can really control, but so long as you got your blood pumping on the dance floor then that was really no problem at all!  And trust me, these guests (plus the bride and groom) knew how to get down.  I’m talking full on dance offs and fashion runway shows.  It also helped that they had a veteran disk jockey at the helm, DJ Swon, directing sick jams like a boss.

On top of it all I had this gorgeous, dare I say modelesque couple, to shoot all day.  And did I mention they were one of the most laid back couples I’ve shot in my history of shooting weddings?  Because they were.  I’ve shot at Newhall Mansion only a few times but every time I do I seem to get amazing results, hopefully that trend can continue.  Scroll on down to see all the awesomeness I’m talking about and as always, enjoy!
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