Top Ten Wedding Ring Shots // 2016

By December 23, 2016Features, Weddings

My goal as a wedding photographer is to get my clients the very best photos I can while being as creative as possible.  It’s a difficult balance to achieve because often enough, being creative is a race against time in the face of shot priority.  I am only at a wedding for my contracted hours, and sometimes that leaves just enough time to get the safe shots and not much more.  Yet despite my constant race against time, there is always one aspect of the day that I make a point to focus my creative juices on — the ring shot.

To me, the wedding rings are the perfect symbols of the bride and groom and I relish the opportunity to color that with my own creative flair.  Yes, you could be extra creative with almost any image you take at a wedding but most of the time the CONTROL isn’t there.  Weddings are fickle beasts and you’re at the whim of what is happening at that very moment, which can sometimes limit creativity.  But one thing I know for sure, rings are rings and will do whatever I tell them to do.  My wildest dreams can come to life in their tiny world as long as I have the patience and inspiration.

It is my love of the ring shot that has inspired this post into creation and as long as I’m a wedding photographer I’m going to do one of these every year.  So without further ado, here are my top ten ring shots of 2016.












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